About Us

At RAE Water & Sewer District, our goal is to provide safe, clean, sparkling water to all of our residents! Please check back, we will be adding more information, soon.


Drinking Water

RAE District drinking water is supplied from groundwater wells spread throughout the district.  The wells tap water from a lower, artesian aquifer.  We do not add anything to the water, so you won't notice any chlorine smell.  We test water samples monthly to assure safe, quality drinking water. 


Waste Water

RAE District wastewater is first treated through an advanced biological nutrient removal plant, then disinfected with ultraviolet light, and finally recycled back into the ground.


Mineral Rich Water

RAE District water is rich in calcium bicarbonate, with a hardness of 230 mg/L.  This hard water can leave boiler scales and white films on glassware.  The harness gives the water its distinct taste, though some people prefer soft water and add this treatment to their individual homes.